Lost Vape Paranormal 166W Resin Box Mod

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* Paranormal 166W värv:

The Paranormal DNA166 is one of the models from our Paranormal Family. The inheritance in features keeps the Paranormal in a good performance, and even better by peering with the powerful Evolv DNA250 board.


¤ 166W Maximum Output with Dual 18650 Batteries

¤ Powered by Evolv DNA250 Board Firmware upgradeable

¤ Onboard reverse polarity protection

¤ Dual 18650 cells set up for long-lasting power

¤ Artificial Turtle Shell Decoration Ring

¤ Gun Metal and Stainless Steel Finishes

¤ Electroplating paintwork firms appearance

¤ Included Both Carbon Fiber and Rose Wood Panels

¤ Customized Leather Panel Wraps with Foam Cushion

¤ Slight-out bottom battery sled for battery replacement

¤ Spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin


Size: 91.5mm x 27.5mm x 55mm

Battery Type: Dual 18650 Batteries (without Cell)

Output Wattage: 1W - 166W

Thread: 510 Thread Material Die Cast Zinc Alloy

Frame: Gun Metal

Panel: Carbon Fiber, Wood

Leather Color: Red, Pearl Fish,Crown Bull


It Come with:

1 x Paranormal DNA166 Device(Battery not included)

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Carbon Fiber Panel

1 x Rose Wood Panel

1 x Paranormal DNA 166 Gift Box

1 x Paranormal DNA166 User Manual

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